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All appointment requests will be approved or denied based on availability. If the date & time you selected is not available we will try our best to find an alternate day. All deposits are 100% refundable as long as appointments are rescheduled and/or cancelled 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled appointment date. Deposits will be forfeited if Same day cancellations or No-Show’s occur. All puppies 16 weeks or older must go through the puppy groom process in order for us to determine if your dog is ready for a full haircut. We use very sharp tools and we want to avoid injury at all cost so it’s important we ease your pup into the grooming process gradually so they become comfortable. Pricing is based on Breed, size, behavior, special requests & coat condition. All final pricing is given after we evaluate your dog in person. Pricing is always subject to change. We have the right to refuse service at any given time.