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This page is reserved for resident appointments at THE CURRENT APARTMENTS. MISSED APPOINTMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY Effective April 1, 2021 We require at least 24 hours notice of any appointment cancellation. A reminder text message will be sent 48 hours before your appointment, with the option to cancel. You can also send us an email at bookings@furfightersgrooming.com if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late Cancellations In the event that an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, clients will be charged 50% of the total grooming cost. In the event of an emergency cancellation, we may be able to waive the cancellation fee. Please contact Fur Fighters via phone or email: (585) 730-9959 bookings@furfightersgrooming.com. Missed Appointment In the event of a missed appointment, clients will be charged the FULL price of the groom. This policy is to protect our grooming staff and to ensure that all clients who want an appointment have the opportunity to book. Late Arrival Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete a consultation with your groomer. Late arrivals of 15 minutes or more may result in a cancelled appointment AND be subject to the no-show fee. Refusal of Service Grooming is ultimately up to the dog’s cooperation. Although we do have a 99% success rate, we will not push your dog beyond his or her limits. Fur Fighters Groomers reserve the right to refuse a pet for grooming due to health or behavior issues. In the event that a groomer feels a service needs to be stopped for any reason, pet parents will be contacted for immediate pickup. Clients will only be charged for completed services and billing will be reviewed by management. Repeat Missed Appointment, Late Arrival, and Late Cancellation In the event of repeated cancellations, late arrivals, or missed appointments, clients may be charged a deposit of $50 prior to their appointment. This deposit will be applied to the total services rendered. In the event of a late cancellation, this deposit will be non-refundable. In the event of a late arrival or no-show, the deposit will be surrendered to Fur Fighters Grooming and the remainder of the cost of the scheduled groom will be charged.