All Dogged Up

All Dogged Up is a Charlotte-based mobile grooming company. We have been pampering Queen City pups for over 12 years. Our success is rooted in our relationships with our clients. Our services are based on experience, and a passion for the care of our clients. We provide a safe, loving environment for your pet to be pampered. Our pet stylists bring years of expertise to each grooming session. We look forward to pampering your pets!
Our all-inclusive pampering sessions are comprised of; spa bath, blow out, brush out, ears cleaned, and nails. We also offer anal gland expression and teeth brushing if requested. All of our Deluxe services include a de-shedding treatment, and our Premium services include a haircut. Prices are based on a well-maintained coat and behavior. Extra fees will be added for excessive brushing and de-matting.

Small Dogs (Pugs/Shih Tzu/Maltese/Yorkie) Deluxe-Starting at $100 Premium-Starting at $115

Medium Dogs (Labs/Lab Mixes/ Cocker Spaniels/Poodle Mixes) Deluxe-$120-$140 Premium-$125-$155

Large Dogs (Doodles/ Golden Retriever/German Shepard) Deluxe-Starting price $150 Premium-$165-$185

Extra Large Dogs Deluxe-$155-$180 Premium- starting at $200